Dear Keira Knightley,

I've never written a fan letter before and this one won't be like any you--or probably any movie star--has ever gotten before, but please, please, please read it, Keira. The script of our species in the future will be...that's right, I said will be--formed based on whether you'll take the time to listen to me.

Ignore me: things go one way; listen: they go another.

I hardly ever watch movies more than once, but I watched a film of yours again last night and while I slept I realized it is one of the most important stories ever told.

Even though your role was not the biggest, you were, as usual, a model of why females have always had the power to fascinate me, enthrall me, mesmerize me, enchant me--control me.

I'm talking about "Never Let Me Go" of course. You probably knew it would be a powerful film; that's why you took the role. But I wonder if you realized it might be one of the most important stories ever told.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there as you English say.

What is definitely here and not there is the thing the movie so powerfully demonstrates--the ability of the masses to breed other people as if they are animals created for the pleasure of the masses. That thing is here: it's already happening. It's just that the masses refuse to see it. In exactly the way your movie demonstrates it might happen, IT IS HAPPENING!

The scenes of the children in the exclusive school being groomed to grow up to be organ donors who will provide organs until they complete (what a horrible name for death that comes to people used as cattle for other people), those scenes are already happening here on earth in 2011.

And there are people here who are like Tommy, the boy your character seduced away from the girl who really loved him; Tommy, the one who alternated between humble acceptance at the wonder and beauty of you and life and the world around him, and horrible rages that erupted for no appropriate reason; Tommy, who drew the weird pictures that showed creatures in the strangest and most misshapen forms, most horrible forms.

I am like Tommy, Keira. That's what I realized while I was sleeping after watching the movie for the second time.

And whereas Tommy was willing to give his organs and to complete without doing anything but try to enjoy the time he had with you and with his true love, Kathy H, I'm not like Tommy in that, Keira.

I'm doing the best I know how to find other men who will organize an army to fight to the death to stop the use of other human beings, any human beings, as animals created only for the pleasure of the ruling class, as animals for the mass of people who empower the government of this world to set aside people and treat them as animals who are not created in the image of God.

Because that's what your movie was really about Keira. What does it mean to be a person? What makes people different from any other creature on earth, any other creature ever created?

People are creatures made in the Image of my God, Keira. Your movie never looked at that. It just showed how easy it is for the ruling masses to decide there is a category of people who were created and are to be treated as if their entire existense was to be used by the ruling class.

And, as your movie showed, Keira, the only thing that is required to create the organ donor class is to decide those people are not fully human, do not have souls like the ruling class has.

Keira, your movie did that so powerfully that the first time I saw it I cried. But this last time I woke up making sounds that are normally only heard from people in the throes of death. And I realized the sounds I made this morning were similar to what Tommy screamed when he realized--realized at the deepest core of his being--that he was being horribly violated, raped, ravaged and pillaged by life itself and all he could do about it was scream this sound out his mouth like no person could hear in real life without stopping what they were doing and come running to help.

I'll tell you the difference between me and Tommy, Keira. I am aware of a way to look at life, and history, and the will of my God so that I can see I have a right to try to organize an army of men who will fight to the death to stop the masses of people from treating any other person like they are animals created only to service the pleasure of the masses.

And in fact I am in the process of doing everything in my power to organize such an army...because I cannot be Tommy.

That's what Tommy taught me in your film, Keira. Like Tommy, I can see the horror of a world that decides to treat other people like cattle created for the world's pleasure, but unlike Tommy, who allowed himself to carry out his conditioning and give his organs for the betterment of those he was created to serve, I would rather die trying to blow such a world up rather than submit myself and my children to a world like that. I would rather my God start all over again after everybody except some small number of people have survived like in Noah's day, rather than go forward into the sophisticated, genteel, urbane cultivated world where people are used as cattle for those who have the power to make such things happen.

Keira, I don't want to take this world to war. I really don't--or at least I don't think I do. But that's what I'm trying to do rather than scream impotently like Tommy as I find I live in a world where people are being turned into nothing more than a donors waiting to complete.

I'm willing to be a donor for my God. But as long as people try to turn me into its donor, and that into my reason for being, then I will do everything in my power to blow such a world to kingdom come rather than submit to its love, to its ministry, to its god.

I hope this letter gets your attention, Keira, and helps you and your friends decide what you need to do in a world where you get fan letters like this one.

Neal Horsley, May 2, 2011

Mobilizing the Army of God

Horsley for Governor