Army of God USA Mobilization

Last night, April 26, 2011, I had a long conversation with Joshua Haley, a 23 year old man from North Carolina. Earlier in the week Joshua had written to tell me that he was taking a delayed enlistment in the new Army of God because, as he wrote, "When i read what you proposed it coincided with my own desire to restore God's glory to this once great nation. I can NO LONGER sit and do nothing while our young are legally slaughtered every day!"

Joshua's response to the appeal to take a Delayed Enlistment in the new Army of God was a milestone and an explanatory symbol that I think needs to be discussed--especially in light of the fact that many people who think themselves men of God, men who have been identified as leaders in the Army of God in the past have decided to ignore what the Army of God is now doing. Men who have been told about the new mobilization drive, men who are identified with the Army of God yet have avoided making their delayed enlistment in the new Army of God known to the world must be explained. I know full well why the cowards who lead the regular pro-life movement ignore the new Army of God mobilization strategy. Cowards only join armies when they are drafted and even then they remain cowards. But why men who have proven courage ignore us has to be explained or else their refusal to mobilize infects everyone in this nation.

Who am I talking about? The following picture shows the beginning of a fairly long list of people who, one way or the other, have been identified with the Army of God in the United States of America in the past:

Pictured Above Are People Who Were Incarcerated For Crimes Against Abortion Clinics Or Abortionists But Are Not In Prison Today
From left to right: Joe Grace, Dennis Malvasi, Michael Bray, Marjorie Reed, John Broekhoft, Joshua Graff, not pictured is Don Spitz, who probably was the one taking the picture.

These are only a few of the many people who could be reasonably expected to support a new mobilization drive for the Army of God. Also not pictured are a huge circle of people around all the individuals shown in that pictures. Visualize the other circles of people, all of whom are members of circles of other people. Visualize circles of people going all around this nation, circles of people who could provide the sense of ground swelling mobilization response that would move the news media of the USA to turn the mobilization drive for the new Army of God from a non event to a, well, ground swelling event.

But the people pictured above have not only not taken an early enlistment commitment to the new Army of God but they are ignoring the mobilization drive as if is is not happening at all...and have been ignoring it for the three months since the mobilization drive began.

The refusal of known members of the Army of God to commit to a delayed enlistment in the New Army of God has created an obstacle to the mobilization of the Army of God that must be removed.

Why should be obvious. It does not take a media expert to understand that the ability to present a message to the world via the mass media requires that the mass media know the message is not the idea of an isolated individual but a message that is being sent by enough people so that the numbers of people represented are seen to be evidence of a "new" event that the news media, by definition, is required to cover. Given the need for more than a few people to be seen to be participating in the mobilization of the Army of God before the news media will expand the mobilization outreach to the whole nation, the negative impact of known members of the Army of God ignoring the new mobilization effort can literally be the difference between success and failure in the new mobilization drive. Once again why should be obvious. People currently identified as members of the Army of God would be the logical place the news media would look to validate the idea that a new mobilization effort is underway. All the people who have been identified as members of the Army of God in the past have to do to scuttle the mobilization of the New Army of God is act like they have no duty to participate in the new mobilization drive. So far, the only person who has been identified with the Army of God who has taken an early enlistment in the new Army of God is Jonathan O'Toole and myself. Every other person who has been identified with the Army of God in the past has ignored the new mobilization drive as if it is not happening on the same earth they live on. As the remainder of this article will prove beyond a shadow of doubt except to the the most determined enemy of God, such a refusal is treason against the Lord Jesus Christ.

A recent letter by Rev. Michael Bray, one of the people pictured above shows the kind of self-deception that has been the actual "fruit" produced by the pro-life movement that today looks at a nation where it is easier to murder any unwanted child than at any time in the nation's history, so easy that any unwanted child in the nation can be slaughtered up to the moment any portion of that baby's body emerges from its mother's birth canal. But listen to Michael Bray and you will see that instead of preparing to go to war with this evil nation using the new Army of God mobilization strategy to stop legalized abortion, Rev. Bray is still arguing about the ancient history of the pro-life movement chiding the pro-life movement because it does not produce a "consistent message" about the humanity of the unborn child. As of April 24, 2011, Rev. Bray provided his current contribution to the battle for the lives of unborn children in imminent danger of murder. Directing his frustration toward the "typical anti-abortion organization", he wrote:

"The 15-year-old letter below indicates the foolish and/or cowardly and/or ignorant posture of the typical anti-abortion organization. Rather than affirm a consistent life ethic concerning the humanity of the child in the womb and articulate the legitimacy of the forceful defense of the innocent ones, anti-abort (a.k.a "prolife") organizations mindlessly condemned those who at personal risk and sacrifice defended the innocent who were threatened with death by legalized childslaughter.

"And where did such "prudence" and organization-protecting rhetoric lead? What benefit did such cool-headed wisdom achieve?

"Nothing. The truth is that the pro-abortion public does not believe that pro-lifers really believe their own rhetoric about the humanity of the child. By condemning those who act as if there is a real human being destroyed in each "procedure" known as an abortion; i.e. by condemning those who use force or by condemning those who publicly offer an apologetic for the use of force in such a circumstance as the present American Holocaust, such contemnors deny the Truth and prolong the Holocaust."

Can you see that Michael Bray is the pot calling the kettle black? When confronted with an opportunity to lend himself to a strategy that is perfectly legal yet has the power to awaken this nation to the dire staits we have entered, Michael Bray ignores the new Army of God mobilization strategy and focuses his eyes on ancient history. And Michael Bray thereby joins the pro-life movement that his words castigate.

What Michael Bray and the rest of those who have been identified with the Army of God in the past are presently doing must be called treason because for the first time in the last 40 years a perfectly legal strategy with the power to either abolish legalized abortion in the States or bring the USA to Civil War with the Army of God is being implemented but they are ignoring us and talking about ancient history as if arguments about the past can stop people from butchering unborn babies. For people who have allowed themselves to be identified with the Army of God in the past to sit out the battle we are preparing to fight is to raise the specter of treason because soldiers once engaged in a war cannot independently and arbitrarily decide to withdraw from the conflict. A war must be fought to its bitter end and no combatant can, absent orders, withdraw from the battle without such an action being desertion; and desertion is a form of treason.

A 23 Year Old Man Brings This Generation To A Judgment Day

23 year old Joshua Haley has brought this cancerous boil to a nasty head. Until Joshua Haley responded to the new Army of God appeal I had been willing to let the silence from the others who had been identified with the Army of God be a fleece for me. I had decided in my spirit that if, given all the other ways people could be reached with the new Army of God mobilization appeal that if no one heard me and responded proving they were being led by Lord Holy Ghost to support the strategy I embody, then I would treat the silence of the other Army of God members as evidence that I was to give up the new Army of God mobilization strategy. But, conversely, my fleece was clear: if someone responded properly even though the other Army of God members were not helping me at all, I would conclude that my strategy was of the Lord and that the refusal of the other Army of God members to help was desertion, was treason, and required me confronting them with their treasonous ways.

Joshua Haley is a perfect example of somebody who was being moved not by me, but by Lord Holy Ghost. Listen to Joshua: "I've already read most of the material i can find on the internet and honestly I'm hard pressed to find anything i disagree with. I've realized that our inaction in respect to legal mass murder and sodomy will only lead to our own destruction as individuals, as communities, as a country. One thing that draws me to The Creator's Rights Party is your realization that we as a people have let this beast grow so big that our only resolution short of civil war is a secession of a state governed by a God fearing people, directly restoring Gods role for government which is to protect our (and the billions of innocent babies) right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That being said i have determined in my heart to pick up the sword of righteousness and stand with you as the defenders of the defenseless. Please let me know how i can put my "hand to the plow" immediately in my delayed enlistment in the AOG and your current campaign for Governor of Georgia 2014," Joshua concluded.

I literally could not have written a response that would have more perfectly proven to me that Lord Holy Ghost was returning to me a wet fleece.

At the same time the Lord returned a wet fleece, He allowed me to understand what to say to all those people who have allowed themselves to be identified with the Army of God in the past but have ignored this new Army of God mobilization drive. The Lord showed me what to say by allowing me to understand when someone is to be considered with us and when someone is to be considered against us.

Read these following two messages from Jesus Christ and you'll see what looks as first glance to be a contradiction.

Mar 9:40 For he that is not against us is on our part.

Luk 11:23 He that is not with me is against me...

On the one hand Jesus seems to say that if somebody is not against Him, that person is on Jesus' side. But on the other hand Jesus seems to be saying that if somebody is not with Him, that person is against Him. This would seem to be an obvious contradiction until the context for the two statements is examined. The Mark 9:40 statement is in a context where the disciples have found somebody casting out demons in Jesus' name but the disciples didn't recognize the demon caster as one of Jesus' disciples. When the disciples tried to get the person casting out demons in Jesus' name to follow them, they failed and came to Jesus to complain that the man was unruly, acting against the will of Jesus. It was in that context that Jesus said, "For he that is not against us is on our part." In other words Jesus was saying that a person who was trying to cast out demons and doing it in Jesus' name was on the side of Jesus because he wanted to cast demons out of people and he already knew that Jesus was the One who had the power to make such things happen. Obviously, in that context, that demon caster was on Jesus' side.

But the context for the Luke 11:23 statement is as different as night from day although the statement was once again about casting out demons. The Pharisees were saying that Jesus cast demons out of people using the power of Beelzebub, the power of Satan, not the power of God. After Jesus told the Pharisees how ridiculous it was to claim that Satan was interested in casting demons out of people that Satan had infested with demons in the first place (after all the Pharisees had admitted that Jesus was casting demons out of people) Jesus told the Pharisees that they were either with Him or against Him and it would be proven by whose power they claimed Jesus cast out demons.

This discussion is relevant to the new mobilization drive for the Army of God because that mobilization drive is designed to give God's people the power to drive the demon of legalized abortion out of the USA. After nearly forty years of ineffectual self-serving strategies (with very few exceptions, and you know their name and fame), the new Army of God mobilization drive offers new hope that the legalized abortion demon can actually be driven out of at least one State in these presently United States of America. We have an opportunity to cast out this demon in Jesus name. Those who are not with us are against us. And not just us. I believe Jesus wants us to say to every body who claims His Name that those who are not with us in this new Army of God mobilization drive are against HIM, not merely against us.

Why wouldn't this be true? There is no greater demon in the history of the United States of America, if not the world, than legalized abortion. To drive this demon out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ would give great glory to Him, great proof of the power of His resurrection.

At this time and in this place, you will either help us in the mobilization of the new Army of God or you will be against not only us, but against the One who sends us demon casting. For those who have claimed to be a part of His Army in the past to ignore this demon cleansing battle that we are attempting to mobilize would be to take upon themselves the same words the Lord Jesus Christ gave to the Pharisees when they claimed to be servants of the most High God yet in the face of Jesus' power to cast out demons accused Him of going demon casting in the service of Satan.

There is such a thing as sin against hope. It occurs when God wants people to hope something yet people, for whatever reason, refuse their hope to that which God wants. I hope God will raise up an Army of God to resist the overthrow of His Law in the United States of America. I hope that. I hope that with every fiber of my being because I know that everything else has been tried and failed. Unless God will grant us the power to raise up an Army to resist this evil federal government and the power it represents there is no people on earth with the power to resist the evil that has become the United States of America. I am convinced God gave me this hope. And if that is true, then my hope is not just my hope; it is God's hope, because He is the One who gave it to me. In the same way that my life is God's life because He is the One who gave this life to me, my hope is His hope. Anyone who refuses to help me make my hope come alive in this world sins against my hope. That is the sin against hope. That is what it looks like in the real world. If this hope of mine is God's hope as well, then you are either with us or against us in the new mobilization strategy for the Army of God in the USA. Get it?

Neal Horsley spells out the mobilization strategy