Importance of Bin Laden Death Photos


(5/13/11) A man in Wisconsin named David Stouvenal has a web site at and a radio program I spoke on this past Saturday so I put him on my email list. Yesterday when I sent out an email trying to tell people about what the government was doing by refusing to show pictures of dead bin laden, Dave was quick to reprimand me and told me, "Maybe if you discontinued insulting people on your mailing list your army might have a slight chance of gaining supporters, adherents and/or members."

If you are a Christian I'm sure you can understand why Dave felt insulted when I said the following in my email: "Now all you big, brave abortion fighters who sit on your asses and ignore what I am telling you will be haunted in your souls if you stand by and allow bin laden to be used to stop us from showing the world what the legalized murder of unborn babies looks like.  If you let this censorship stand and we ever do end up in heaven together, don't think for a moment heaven will be peaceful for you until you repent there for letting this outrageous censorship stand on earth."

I now see that this matter of the bin laden photos and the way Christians like Dave Stouvenal responded is a perfect example of how this generation of Christians is proving itself to be babes in Christ--whiny girls, I call them--even as sixty year old Christian men like David Stouvenal posture themselves as Elders in the Kingdom of God.
I understand that the sentence I have just written will be used by most of the Christians in this nation to convince themselves that I am the problem.  And instead of hearing the truth, if that is what was in these words, Christians will ignore them and thereby add further proof that this is a generation of whiny little girls who call themselves Christians, whiny little girls who are literally being sexually abused in the most horrible manner imaginable.  But the only thing you can do when you are trying to tell the truth is tell it the best way you know how.
I believe the Lord gave me an enormously important insight into something enormously important to Him when He showed me the connection between the way this government is refusing to show the pictures of dead bin laden and the growing movement to stop people from showing the pictures of the babies murdered in abortion.  I'm saying the Lord wants all His people in the USA to understand that the federal government is using bin laden's death to convince public opinion that gruesome images of dead people have no place in this society.
Christians in this generation must understand that this is a revolutionary change in the way the American people have been treated by government in the past.  Since this nation began it has been the rule, the policy, for the general public, children included, to see the raw evidence of what government has the power to do to people who are enemies of government.  I could run a whole string of pictures now to remind people of all the times they have seen front page newspaper pictures of dead people.  And we're not talking sensational tabloids, we're talking the most respected news organs in the nation.  Pictures of dead Dillinger, dead Younger gang, dead Jesse James, dead the list goes on and on.  I remember when I was a young child going to the picture show in Bremen, Ga. and they had the actual car Bonnie and Clyde had been riding in when they were killed.  I had already seen the pictures of them shot down on the road.  But then I got to see the car they were riding in.  Riddled with bullets is an understatement.  Blood stains were obvious testimony to the fact that this was the real thing, the car Bonnie and Clyde were riding in when the government blew them to where ever it is that enemies of the government of the USA go.
See the point!  Until now, the government has had a vested interest in teaching children what happens when people mess with the government of the USA.
Now, the man who has a place in history as the most hunted villain the United States has ever known, the man who single-handedly killed thousands of Americans in one horrifying attack, is not to be paraded before us.
They could have cleaned bin laden up like they did Jesse James, but they didn't.  They decided to treat the American people like only some of their representatives--those representatives who had been made into national news figures--were qualified to deal with the true images of dead bin laden.   But, the message is clear:  you and I and the rest of the American people--especially this whiny little girl generation of Christians--needed to be taught that gruesome pictures should NOT be shown in public.
Since the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ has seen fit to put me in a place where I am as sensitive to what the government is training public opinion to think about gruesome pictures shown in public--especially shown to children--as any person on earth because I am apt to go to prison for that crime, it is no surprise to me that all my alarms started going off the moment I realized this government was actually going to refuse to let the citizens of this nation see what their government did to bin laden when they kicked his door down and had him in their sights.
What the government is doing with bin laden is showing us what due process of the law looks like today for those deemed to be outlaw in the United States of America today.  Just as we are not shown the images from the drones firing rockets in our name, and just as it takes a breach in government policy for Wikileaks to show us what it looks like when one of our helicopters goes into action, we the people of the USA are being turned into a nation of whiny, self-indulgent, utterly spoiled children.  Children who are being trained by government to ignore what the government does to outlaws.
Anyone, like myself, who is prone to be treated like an outlaw by this government has every reason to pay very close attention to how the government defines due process for outlaws.  As with Jesse James above, it has long been understood that to be outlaw to the government of the USA is to be subject to be taken dead or alive.  And if the government doesn't want an outlaw to be taken alive, well...
Every American understood that the government was acting in the name of every citizen, so there was no confusion created when every citizen was shown by government what was done to outlaws, done by government acting in the name of every citizen of the USA.  That's why they showed me Bonnie and Clyde's car when I was so young I barely remember the event.
But that was back when government understood that every citizen included people who were not whiny girls but people who actually understood themselves to be the government of the United States of America.  Understood that the government was NOT their elected representatives, understood that the government was.  Themselves.
That consciousness had been created from the American Revolution onward as generation after generation of American men had been drafted by government to engage in the most gruesome business the minds of men could conceive, engage in death and mayhem and bloody destruction--bloody murder--so terrible that every man living in the United States of America knew exactly why there was a reason to show pictures of what happens when the government of the United States of America decides its time to make some people outlaws who are to be taken dead or alive.
And then this generation came along.  Came along at a time when the federal government of the USA decided that unborn people could be treated like outlaws. Decided that if their mother didn't want them, unborn babies could be torn literally limb from limb.
I have been one of those people who long ago realized that the best chance we had to alert the American people to the most horrible mistake made in the history of the USA was to show the American people, men, women and children, the evidence proving that unborn people are people just like you and I.
But that's when I got in trouble.  That's when I began to be treated like an outlaw.  Even by Christians, I am being treated like an outlaw for trying to show everybody in this nation the evidence that proves to anybody with eyes that see that we, the people of the United States of America are murdering unborn people every day in this nation.
Then I find myself surrounded by Christians like David Stouvenal who are insulted because I have the effrontery, the temerity to tell him and every other Christian in this nation that the government is not showing bin laden's death pictures to condition us all to act like whiny little girls, to act like nobody except our elected representatives is grown up enough to see what the government is doing in the name of the people of the USA.
But that's not where David Stouvenal found the insult he accused me of sending. He was insulted because of what I was saying about Christian citizens of the USA.  Dave realized that I was suggesting Christians were cooperating with the government in training everybody to ignore the truth.  And he was insulted and told me that the fact I insulted people had to be corrected before anybody, including David Stouvenal, would listen to the message I was trying to bring.  So David Stouvenal, instead of hearing the message that I was trying to send about how our government is using bin laden to buttress its policy of legalized abortion, decided to focus on how I presented that message to him.
That is a surefire, guaranteed way to ignore a message.  All you have to do to ignore a message is focus on the messenger.  Make the messenger the message.  Argumentum ad hominem, it's called.
Dave, the most effective way to make the messenger the message is to kill him, not say he insulted you, literally kill him.  I am not being melodramatic: kill him.  That way the message becomes: Don't bring a message people do not want to hear; they'll kill you.
They'll kill you like they killed Jim Poullion.  He stood outside a school and showed the students gruesome pictures of aborted babies.  And they killed him for it.  Actually, one man named Harlan Drake pulled the trigger over and over again until his gun was empty, but there was a conspiracy behind Harlan Drake killing Jim Poullion.  A conspiracy composed of every person in this nation who does not want our children to see pictures that prove that we the people of the United States of America have legalized the murder of little children if their mother doesn't want them.
I think that is most terrifying message that can be told to little children.  That's why when I told my own children about abortion as soon as they were old enough to understand that their daddy was very upset about the world around them, I did everything in my power to let them understand that it was the wrongest thing that had ever happened in the USA, wronger even than when this nation legalized slavery of other people.
The way my children were able to find some peace in the nation I told them about, the nation called the United States of America that had legalized the murder of children even younger than my own children when I first told them about the horror of legalized abortion, was my children realized that their daddy was absolutely determined to do everything in his power to stop those little babies from being murdered.  And my children believed their daddy had the power to control their world so that they would be protected from whatever consequences were created in a nation that had legalized the murder of little children.  So they went about the business of growing up protected by a daddy they trusted.
My children are grown now.  And they've put their daddy in perspective.  They know I don't have power.  In fact they know that their daddy has turned out to look like a fool in this nation, a fool ignored by virtually everyone, even by his children.
And now when I try to alert people about what the government is doing by refusing to allow the bin laden pictures to be seen, David Stouvenal, as a representative of all the mature Christian elders in the nation is offended because I don't tell him the message in the way he wants to hear it so he can say thank you to me for doing my best to tell him God's honest truth.

Which just goes to prove there are some messages that are so horrible that it takes a miracle before people will listen.


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