Delayed Enlistment In The NEW Army of God

The OLD Army of God in the USA used terrorism in an attempt to stop legalized abortion. It didn't work.
Now it's time to JOIN THE NEW ARMY OF GOD!

We will show you how to abolish legalized abortion and other offenses against God's Law that have been legalized in our lifetimes in a perfectly legal, decent and orderly way, or die trying. If you care about God's Law, you will take the time to find out how we're going to do it. Below is short video that summarizes our strategy.

The 2010 Gubernatorial Election In Georgia Proves The New Army of God Strategy Is Legal Today: Candidates' Forum ONE, Forum TWO

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Your Response Proves What You Really Believe About Your Duty In the USA.

Here's The Strategy Explained:

1. For the time being, you stay where you are, doing what you're presently doing, except you immediately begin to prayerfully consider making a solemn and sacred commitment to take a Delayed Enlistment in the Army of God. You will use this web site as the point of communication between yourself and all the other members of the Army of God, USA (AOGUSA). Email will be our initial means of communication.

2. The solemn and sacred commitment consists of a pledge to move to a specific State when the Army of God has accumulated enough solemn and sacred Delayed Enlistments from enough people to take over that State when we all move there at the same time.


We have reached critical mass because we have found States that have already made abortion and homosexuality illegal. And those States have legislative, judicial and executive branches supported by a majority of the voters who are determined to prevent any outside power from using any means to make them legalize abortion and homosexuality. So the goal which the Delayed Enlistment in the Army of God was created to reach has been accomplished. The only question that remains is will the men of God who volunteer for the Army of God take this opportunity to prove their words by their actions. Go here for complete details

3. Using this web site, and other means available through mass media, the AOGUSA will accumulate the solemn and sacred commitments of American citizens who are willing to abolish legalized abortion or die trying.

4. When we have reached the number of solemn commitments that create the critical mass required to take over the target State (yet to be decided), the AOGUSA will notify the people around the nation who have taken a Delayed Enlistment. The validity of the notification will be proven by the fact that it comes from the email addresss cited above.

5. After we've reached critical mass, we move to the target State, taking over the power structure of the State using the democratic process, outlaw abortion and sodomy in that State, and prepare to nullify any federal laws to the contrary.

6. Having established a State that enforces the law of God against murder and sodomy, we prepare to fight the federal government to the death using all means necessary to make our Right to outlaw murder and sodomy in our State stand as the operative political reality in our State.

7. We either nullify abortion and sodomy in God's State, or we die trying.

Overview: Christian Slaves In America

It's a terrible truth, but truth nonetheless: Those in Christ in this nation are presently enslaved to the government of the United States of America because we have been forced to not only obey but actually work for laws that are the diametric opposite of God's law defined in 1 Timothy 1: 8-11. Any Christian with eyes that see will admit that the federal laws that allow abortion and sexual crimes like homosexuality, fornication, etc. are not only tolerated by Christians, but our labor funds the crimes themselves in the form of government funding of abortion, etc. This government mandated collaboration with sin results in slave labor being forced from Christians, Christians who are as enslaved as Israel in the days of Pharaoh.

Like most Israelites before Moses, the vast majority of Christians today accept their enslavement and ignore the fact that God never intended for His people to be slaves in this world, slaves to the god of this world. The vast majority of Christians in the USA spend their lives explaining why they are not slaves, or, if they admit they are, they blaspheme God by teaching that slavery to this world is the Will of God.

But not all Christians are willing slaves to the god of this world.

It is to separate ourselves from the slavery that has us working to support heinous sins in the United States of American that the Army of God is being mobilized.

Even though we are presently enslaved in the USA, there is a real opportunity to escape this slavery in the same way earlier American slaves were able to escape from chattel slavery in the Old South prior to the Civil War by going to a Free State.

Our way of escape can be seen when we realize it is not against the law for us to relocate; we can move anywhere in this nation at will. And we can vote. Those two remaining freedoms give us an opportunity, an opportunity, that is, if we'll refuse to remain slaves. If we move to the same State and vote a Christian government into authority, and if that Christian government is backed by an Army of God prepared and equipped to free us from unGodly laws or die trying, then we have a fighting chance to be delivered from slavery, to be free in this nation.

Any slave in Christ will take such a chance if it is made available by God (1 Cor. 7:21). That's why you are being asked to take a Delayed Enlistment (DE) in the Army of God. And that's why this article is being written: to explain the strategy that can free God's people from enslavement to Satan in this world if we are willing to honor God's Law above man's law.

All you have to do to honorably commit to a Delayed Enlistment in the Army of God is contact this web site giving your name, physical and email address, and phone number. An Army of God member will contact you. We will answer any questions you have about the strategy and other details involved with a delayed enlistment in the Army of God in the United States of America today. To discourage enemy confusion and federal infiltrators, if anyone else contacts you in the name of the Army of God, please let us know. Only those authorized by one of us can accurately explain the DE program. The information that follows will answer many of the questions you might have.


The Whys

Call It Revolution

If you are seriously thinking about joining the Army of God, you probably already know that there has been a revolution in the United States of America.

Since the Second World War, the government created by the Founders of this nation has literally been destroyed and replaced by a government that is the opposite of the one originally founded. In other words, a revolution as dramatic and real as the original American Revolution that overthrew the Divine Right of Kings has occurred in the United States of America in the last half of the 20th Century. The only word in the English language to describe such a diametrically opposite change in government is revolution.

That's why about twenty-five years ago I wrote a book entitled, CALL IT REVOLUTION. Click the link and you will see a fairly complete explanation of the revolution that has occurred in the United States and what we must do to stop this revolution and protect the real government of the United States of America.

As you will see when you read it, that book does not mention the Army of God, but it does make clear that resort to State's Rights might be the only way to counter the Revolution destroying the United States of America.

When I wrote Call It Revolution 25 years ago, I hoped the American people would stop the Revolution overthrowing the government I had been born to defend without having to go to Civil War to do it.

I am working now to mobilize the Army of God in the USA because the last 25 years has proven that the majority of American citizens, no matter what they claim about God, or Jesus Christ, or anything Holy or Good, will tolerate this revolution rather than risk the peace and prosperity the revolutionary federal government presently provides to the vast majority. A peace and prosperity built upon the destruction of the authority of God not only cannot last, but will be destroyed in the most terrible manner imaginable unless the destroyers repent. So does Scripture and History teach.

Let me be specific about what the majority of American citizens have proven they are willing to tolerate. In return for money and other material benefits, the majority of American citizens have agreed to tolerate the destruction of any vestige of allegiance in the government of this nation to the God once known as The Creator, or allegiance to His Law as defined in 1 Timothy 1:8-11 in the Holy Bible.

The proof of this revolutionary toleration of the overthrow of the Law of God is seen in the government's legalization of abortion and homosexual acts.

If you do not understand the legalization of abortion and homosexuality proves a revolution has occurred in this nation, you will not join the Army of God because you are part of the majority that has created the revolution that the Army of God is being mobilized to counter. It's that simple: your attitude toward the legalization of abortion and homosexuality proves which side you are on in the God War going on around us today.

That's right. There is a war going on already in this nation. It is a God War, a war about who is actually God of this world.

You have been made well aware of this God War. But, so far, the only army on the field claiming to be serving God is the Muslim army who has made itself known to every person on earth. The government of the United States of America has led a coalition of secular governments throughout the world against that Muslim army.

The Army of God in the USA is being mobilized to counter both the secular governments of the world and any Muslim army determined to replace the government created by the Founders of the original, true government of the United States of America.

We are working to mobilize a different army. This Army of God is being mobilized to serve a very specific God. The Only True God. The God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ who is Himself God in the flesh, King of kings and Lord of lords. The Lord Jesus Christ through the wisdom and power of His Holy Spirit today sends very specific instructions as to how His Army is to be mobilized, deployed and served.

Everyone of age on earth knows that the United States of America is presently a very dangerous place to serve any God who challenges the Sovereignty of the federal government of the USA, which the God we serve is presently doing by mobilizing us into His Army. Unless you are willing to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and His Word who is mobilizing the Army of God in the United States of America, you should not volunteer to join the Army of God. The following should give you enough information to decide whether you need to join the Army of God.

Understanding the Army of God In The USA (AOGUSA)

"Rex non potest peccare" is a Latin phrase that can be translated as "The King can do no wrong" or "The King can do no sin." To understand the AOGUSA, you need to understand that the American Revolution that occurred in 1776 was designed to prove that Latin phrase was false. Not only could the king make a mistake, but if he tried to rule the USA, he could commit a mistake as fatal as the king committed when he tried to stop Oliver Cromwell from chopping off his head.

The historical perspective of the government of the USA is this: From the time of Caesar until 1776, all of what they used to call Christendom, which included all of Europe and Europe's colonies--Western Civilization is what history professors called it when I went to college, no telling what they call it today--implemented Rex non potest peccare as the foundation for the government of the various nations of Europe. Every governments' laws were based on the idea that the king could do no wrong.

The American Revolution destroyed the idea that the king could do no sin on the ground you are standing on if you are in America. Instead of Rex non potest peccare, the Americans created a new plan for government, one that forthrightly proclaimed that God, The Creator, had created government to protect the Rights of "all men." Instead of government being understood to protect the rights of the king, government was, in this land, to protect the Rights of "all men."

I will head off the scalawags and nay-sayers by saying that everybody knows and admits the definition of "all men" propounded by the Founders of the USA in the Declaration of Independence was actually referring only to a certain category of men: those willing and able to arm themselves to fight to the death to defend the definition of government established in the United States of America. To the Founders it was those men who were created equal by God and were to no longer be ruled by "Rex non potest peccare." Keep this point in mind, it is an important one in understanding who is being recruited to join the AOGUSA today.

Back to the American colonists. When word was sent to the world in the Declaration of Independence that American colonists disagreed that the king could do no wrong, can you imagine how preposterous it sounded to the world that American colonists would talk about overruling the king of England, much less the Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings? At first, it must have appeared as preposterous as a mouse claiming to be able to conquer a Lion.

This point is important to see today because the Army of God that is being formed in this nation today has to confront the same kind of fixed incredulity as the Founders like Samuel Adams first encountered when he suggested "Rex non potest peccare" could be replaced by the idea that The Creator had created government not to protect the rights of the king, but the rights of all men.

In a context where an ever more threatening series of laws are coming from the federal government, laws that ostensibly are directed against foreign terrorists but which every citizen knows can be applied to American citizens, the federal government of the USA makes the government of King George look like the mouse and makes the people who support the secular federal government look like a Lion.

Why A Secular Government Is Satan's Government

Remember what the Apostle Peter said? "1Pe 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
1Pe 5:9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world."

If you reread the passage I quoted from Peter, you should be able to see that the "roaring lion...seeking whom he may devour..." was a reference to the government within which the ancient church had to live. That government was ruled by "Rex non potest peccare" and the king (who called himself Caesar) had ruled that Christians who did not call Caesar Lord could be literally thrown to the lions to be eaten alive. Thus Peter's words would have rung loud and clear within the minds of ancient Christians who refused to bow to Caesar as Lord.

Caesar was a Type of secular government. Secular government, by definition, does not grant authority to anyone on earth who is not made of flesh and blood and presently occupying an earthly seat of government. In Caesar's case, the secular government he represented did not grant authority to any other government, secular or not, that Caesar was not acknowledged to rule. Those governments were conquered by Caesar until obeisance was granted.

The idea that governments ruled by flesh and blood people here on earth is Sovereign on earth is the essence of what it means to be a secular government. Such an idea is the opposite of the idea that God is to rule on earth. Just as Satan was represented in the Bible as committed to overthrowing God's rule on earth, so, too, is a secular government committed to precisely the same goal. It would be unreasonable, illogical and a most obvious lie to claim that a secular government was anything other than Satan's government.

Because the present government of the United States of America boldly proclaims itself to be a secular government, and because that secular government is leading the other secular governments of the world, those who can grasp what we are discussing will not be surprised that the Army of God is being mobilized within the United States of America today.

The AOGUSA in the Last 40 Years

If you've paid attention to current events since abortion was legalized about 40 years ago, you will have noticed that the Army of God has often been associated with illegal, even terroristic acts taken against abortion industry property, abortion industry personnel, and abortionists themselves.

As a reporter, and as a first hand participant in events associated with the Army of God, I am in a position to discuss the Army of God in detail and with truthful specificity. But before any discussion of the Army of God in the last 40 years begins, the reader must understand that such a discussion will not be simple, nor easy to understand. That's because the Army of God has, until now, existed more as an idea in the minds of isolated, lightly armed, individuals than as an army composed of many people armed with heavy weapons of destruction.

It was not false to call these isolated, autonomous, lightly armed, individuals the Army of God. Even isolated and autonomous actors can accurately call themselves an army if they so choose. An idea is something that exists, even if it exists only in the brain of one person. And an army can exist as an idea. Even if the idea of the Army of God exists only as an idea in the brain of one person, it still must be granted to exist--as an idea. But an Army can also take another form, one of the most dangerous forms on earth. An army can be composed of people--many people--armed with weapons of destruction, both personal and mass.

The last 40 years in the USA has seen the confusion of these two meanings of the Army of God so that most people in the USA have assumed that the Army of God has existed in this nation for at least the last four decades. I wrote an article entitled, "Exploding the Myth of the Army of God" years ago to try to defuse the hysteria and dangerous government attention being focused on the Army of God in the USA.

It was only when I was recently interviewed for over three hours by three FBI agents that I finally was able to begin to speak about an army composed of many heavily armed men and women, all of whom were committed to fighting to the death to nullify laws created by the federal government of the United States of America. If you can see the Army of God as the federal government sees the Army of God, you will have gained important, even vital, insight into the Army of God.

The Recent FBI Interview

The purpose of the FBI agents interview was obvious: they wanted to find out whether the things I said about the Army of God in the USA, or things I had done with the Army of God, was sufficient to arrest me for violating the law. Given the fact that I had been arrested not too long ago for allegedly issuing a Terroristic Threat against Elton John, Sir Sodomite of popular fame, and also given the fact that I was in the middle of a campaign for Governor of Georgia, I treated the FBI agents as if they were potential voters I was trying to persuade to vote for me for Governor.

To that end, during the interview with the FBI agents, I had tried to make it clear that I was not an insurrectionist, nor a rebel, nor a lawbreaker of any kind but was, in fact, a candidate for Governor of Georgia in the November 2010 gubernatorial election running on a platform to nullify federal laws that I defined as ungodly, evil lies rather than what the federal government called laws.

The agents had asked me to define the Army of God and the best I could do at first was to tell them what the Army of God was not following the line of reasoning I had defined in the previously mentioned Army of God article. In that article, I had made it clear that an army was not the uncoordinated actions of individual people. The Army of God--any Army for that matter--had to be composed of more than one or a few people to be the Army of God. So I had categorically denied that many of the people who had been identified as members of the Army of God in the past, men like Eric Rudolph, Clayton Waagner, Stephen Jordi, or Justin Moose were in fact members of an Army at all. I had explained to the FBI that such men were independent warriors who took their orders not from a human chain of command as is normal in an Army but from a private chain of command that did not require or include cooperating with other people who belonged to an Army.

The agents and I had discussed in detail the method I would employ as Governor to nullify the evil federal laws. At a certain point in our discussion, one of the young FBI agents took a deep breath and tried to summarize our conversation up that point. He said, "So, Mr. Horsley, let me see if I've got this clear. If you were elected Governor, and if you actually organized an armed State Militia to, as you say, nullify these evil federal laws, would you call that State Militia the Army of God?"

I paused to think about his question, knowing full well that I had been being led by the agents to this particular question. Finally I answered, "Well, we would be talking about an Army, there's no doubt about that. And we would be organized and armed to defend the Law of God. So I guess it would be accurate to call the State Militia that I had organized an Army of God if not The Army of God."

What People Thinking About Joining The Army of God Should Learn From the FBI Interview

Lesson #1. If I can run for Governor and advocate the formation of the Army of God in the State without being arrested, then it would seem logical that people could agree to join such an Army without putting their freedom at risk. This link shows you an actual public Campaign appearance in Georgia during the 2010 Gubernatorial campaign where the strategy advocated here was presented. Obviously, I was not arrested.

Lesson #2. If I had not spent the last 25 years studying what I was legally allowed to do in resisting the egregious evil being promulgated by the federal government I would probably have said something that would have given the FBI agents grounds for arresting me and taking me to prison immediately terminating my campaign for Governor in 2010 rather than, as I am presently doing, continuing on my campaign for Governor in 2014.

Lesson #3. Anyone thinking about joining the Army of God in the United States of America must decide to learn how to stay out of prison, or, as many previous people who have claimed to belong to the Army of God have proven, they will spend more than a few years in best.

So if you're interested in joining the Army of God in the USA but want to stay alive and out of prison, you will do well to study in detail the article at this link.

When we're over the 100 mark now, only Quislings for Christ will refuse a Delayed Enlistment!

Why Delayed Enlistment?

Delayed Enlistment is the way the AOGUSA strategy can be implemented without giving the federal government a way to stop us before we reach critical mass. Without leaving your present home, job or responsibility, your Delayed Enlistment allows us to count the people who will be willing to restore God's authority to at least one State in these presently united States of America. When we have enough people to take over the government of at least one State, then the Army of God USA will restore God's law to that State or die trying. In the same way ancient Church Christians gave their lives in defense of King Jesus and His authority on earth, we too will fulfill that which is lacking in His afflictions.

You can understand the importance of your Delayed Enlistment by looking at the way the Army of God has been used in the past in this nation. Have you ever heard of Justin Moose, or Stephen Jordi, or Paul Hill, or Eric Rudolph? Those four men represent the two ways the Army of God has been used in this nation to date. All four of those men are either in prison or dead. The Army of God is being mobilized today both to learn from their experiences and to give us a way to be more effective in our response to the secular government presently ruling us.

First look at Paul Hill and Eric Rudolph. Both those men were identified as members of the Army of God. Paul Hill is dead, executed for killing an abortionist and his body guard; Eric Rudolph is serving life in prison in ultra-max for killing a policeman with a pipe bomb. Obviously the way they went about operating as the Army of God did nothing to abolish legalized abortion. Everything else that can be said about the deterrence to abortion their actions accomplished does nothing to change the fact that abortion is still legal in every State in the USA up until the moment some body part of the unborn babies emerges into the light. While their sacrifices must be honored, it is equally necessary to learn from their experiences.

The same thing can be said about Stephen Jordi and Justin Moose, with this addition: those men did nothing to either deter people from killing unborn babies or abolishing legalized abortion. They managed to end up in prison for little more than talking about their relationship with the army of God and their intentions in regard to the abortion industry. Such a wasteful misuse of human life, especially of Army of God members, cannot be continued, must not be the example we set in the future. The Delayed Enlistment program will give us new opportunities to learn from the past.

Delayed Enlistment does two things: 1. Delayed Enlistment allows us all to know the numbers of people who are preparing to fight to the death to restore God's law in some State in the USA. The knowledge of the numbers of people preparing to actively serve in the AOGUSA allows us to show the world that God is no longer allowing these self-serving exercises that have been going on in His Name for decades to continue. Delayed Enlistment in the AOGUSA proves to the world that God is going to destroy the United States of America or see His Law restored to its rightful place of authority in at least one State of these presently United States of America; 2. Delayed Enlistment allows us to organize now without giving the federal government a way to destroy us before we are organized enough to have a fighting chance to restore God's law to its rightful place of authority. Remember the recent interview I had with the three FBI agents? I told them from A to Z everything that my Campaign for Governor stood for. I told them about the Army I planned to form if elected. I told them everything that Army planned to do.

It was the FBI agents themselves who made me realize that I was in fact talking about forming the Army of God within the State that elected me as its Governor. The point is, the FBI could not arrest me without showing the world the Revolution that has occurred in the USA. Why? I was advocating doing nothing but what the Founding Fathers of the USA said had to be done should any central government become an agent of evil in the USA. "When, after a long train of abuses and usurpations..." Read the rest of the Declaration of Independence for yourself.

Delayed Enlistment requires no one to change anything about their present life. For the time being, everyone who avails themselves of Delayed Enlistment in AOGUSA stays right where they are, continues in their present job, etc. Nothing changes. Except one thing. The members of the AOGUSA exercising their Delayed Enlistment make it known that when enough people have Enlisted to bring the Army of God to power in any one State in the USA, then enlistment would move all of us to that State, there to implement the strategy of AOGUSA.

It is to learn from the experiences of Paul Hill, Eric Rudolph, Stephen Jordi, Justin Moose, and all the other people who have invested their lives in trying to stop legalized abortion that the Army of God developed the Delayed Enlistment program. If people will commit themselves to Delayed Enlistment in the Army of God, and if God will grant us sufficient numbers of volunteers in the Army of God, in a comparatively short period of time, at least one State of the Union will be delivered from legalized abortion, or the United States of America will have returned to Civil War.

Why Now?

Before Mount St. Helens erupted some years ago, every seismograph in the country knew something dangerous was coming. So too, today. The tremors we the people feel on a daily basis in this nation are harbingers of an eruption of which only the deadly deluge of Noah can compare. When a volcano erupts, people have neither the time nor the will to create a barrier capable of diverting the lava flow: at such a time fleeing is all people can agree to do. We have an opportunity to organize in a way now that will be impossible when the eruption occurs.

Consider, if you will, what will happen in the USA when a national eruption occurs. The nation has only the barest base of human relationships today. Community has literally disappeared. Neighborhoods are composed of strangers who know little or nothing about their neighbors. Churches meet weekly but do little or nothing to provide real trust among its members, certainly not enough trust to provide a sense of security at a time of national meltdown of law and order. The federal government will be the only conceivable source of protection known to the majority. The federal government will assume martial law powers immediately. All the armed might of the federal government from tanks to unarmed drones that have been being field tested among the Muslim nations will be directed toward the USA. Checkpoints will be ubiquitous; unarmed drones will inhabit the sky of the USA. The federal government serving, as it will be trumpeted across the land by the federal news media, the interests of the vast majority will be able and willing to do to any inconvenient minority what it has been doing to the unborn people of this nation. Every option to the protection of any minority found inconvenient by the federal government will become inconceivable.

But the eruption has not occurred...yet. Today, if you will participate in the Delayed Enlistment in AOGUSA, we can literally begin to construct a barrier that can divert, if not stop, that powerful eruption waiting to happen. We can impress upon the majority willing to murder anyone perceived to inconvenience them that the greatest danger to the survival of the present Revolutionary Regime that has usurped the good name "United States of America" will come, not from without, but from within.

The Creator Dishonored

Perhaps a nuclear analogy is even more apt than the volcano to describe the danger that threatens us. The United States of America is poised for a national meltdown of historic proportions because God has withdrawn His Grace from this nation. The only hope that remains is a State or States will prostrate themselves before God imploring Him to use them to awaken the entire nation to the fact that God's Law must be restored somewhere in this nation or the nation itself will be destroyed.

The Delayed Enlistment Strategy when implemented will immediately demonstrate to God that there is a people in the United States of America who will honor Him and His Law or die trying. Such a people were those in the ancient Church of Caesar's infamy who heard the Apostle Peter's words about the roaring lion waiting to devour them and knew Peter was talking about the secular government the Caesars used to force cowardly Christians to become Lapsi and call the Caesars Lord rather than spend their lives in service to the only True Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The AOGUSA will be those people today. On earth, we will do the Will of God as it is done in heaven. We will do it, or this world will be forced to murder us like this world has been murdering the least of God's children for nearly 40 years in the USA.

How To Enter A Delayed Enlistment in AOGUSA

Whether you are a fighting man or woman capable of bearing arms against the enemy in the field, defending in our assigned State the Rights God gave to each of us as His children, or whether you can work to supply the needs of those in the field, you are the one we are asking to sign up for a Delayed Enlistment in the Army of God in the United States of America. The commitment we are asking for is as real as anything you will ever be asked to do by The Creator who made you. Please contact us today if you are willing to Enlist, or if you have any other questions about Delayed Enlistment in AOGUSA.

There Will Be A Need For The Courage Of God

The next linked article talks about how men who once claimed to be willing to defend God's Law with force if necessary have now become something different than they once pretended to be: John Brockhoeft: Model of Pro-life Cowardice?

As the preceding article demonstrates, there are different kinds of courage, just as there are different kinds of fear. The time has come when God's people must be willing to face death in their service to God if that is what is required. It is our hope and prayer that God will grant us the grace to lead this nation to repentance without the nation being destroyed. But it is clear that individuals must be willing to die if we are to escape the bondage to sin that has ensnared every citizen in the United States of America in the most horrible apostasy against God in the history of this nation. Be of good courage, Christ Jesus has overcome the world. Just as I am making it clear to the world and to this nation that I am prepared to lead the Army of God in the United States of America, realizing that the revelation of this fact causes Satan to turn and look clearly at me wondering whether taking my life will serve his purposes, so too must you be willing to put yourself in the same position or you let the fear of death that Satan uses to keep us all in bondage to sin keep you from realizing what it means to walk in the Spirit of God here and now in the United States of America.

If you walk in the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, you belong to the Army of God whether as a servant of the soldiers or as a soldier yourself. Either way, you are being asked to take a Delayed Enlistment in AOGUSA. Let everyone know about it so the world can see that God has not left Himself without witness that He will destroy an evil world if necessary to protect the least of His children.

The time has come. If you are in Christ Jesus, only fear will prevent you from contacting us to join and serve the Army of God in the United States of America. Romans 8:15 ff.

Yours in Christ,

Neal Horsley

For a short video of how this strategy is being modeled in an actual Governor's campaign at the State level, see the videos linked at the beginning of this article.

To Take A Delayed Enlistment Contact: 770 838 5950, or